AppsStation 101

Who is behind AppsStation?

Apps Station is founded by Taha Maddam.I solely design and develop all my apps. I develop quality mobile applications under my own banners and for third parties. I try to provide best user experience through each of my app. You can read more about my development process here

Apps Developed by Me

Currently , I have released 60+ applications under my own banner. Almost all of them got 4 stars + rating and featured on top charts many times. My banners includes

My Services

I deal with all phases of App development cycle. I can build the amazing and beautiful app for your business that will make your customers happy. Read More

Contact Me

Do you have any question about my apps or want to report any bug or request any feature or even just want to say Hello  , just use this contact form and I will be in touch soon.

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Few Customers Testimonials

“The shows I have heard even include the old time ads. The shows are clear uncluttered shows. I used to have some OTR on cassette, then on CD’s. I seldom listened since rewinds and searches were so cumbersome. The menus here are simple and quick.

Better yet…it takes me back to my childhood listening to these show while lying on the floor of our living room.

Many shows are timeless” – By Joh32

“OTCRS is a treasure. The shows are top rate, but most important, This is a beautifully design app. The App maker took complete advantage of the IOS features and has written a modern, free flowing, fun app that is a pleasure to use. This is one I will recommend to many!” – by KWH23

“I am not only surprised to find this app, but amazed that every Johnny Dollar show is here. I had subscribed to Siriusxm mobile/Internet service just to listen to Johnny Dollar on my IPad only to find out it wasn’t available through the mobile service. I love classic radio and to find an app developer supporting this part of media history and formatting it for a mobile device is absolutely brilliant. Good job!” – By Tone Head

“Growing up in the 40s and 50s I have very fond memories of the radio shows my parents and sisters would listen to with absolute rapt attention; everything from Libby’s True Heart Theater to the detective stories like Diamond and Marlowe. The best of all, though, was Jack Webb’s Dragnet. Even today the stories are presented so clearly and with such great listener control that I must rate this app with five big stars. It deserves at least six.” – By Selrachotuxne