About Me

Welcome you to the official website of Apps Station. I’m an independent developer cum designer with an intention to develop high quality native Apps for IOS devices. My aspiration is to develop Apps that provide excellent Design, superb Value and downright Customer Satisfaction.

I keep this objective in mind all the time and you can also attest to this as you browse through my apps. I work for several hours a day sitting in front of my desktop designing and building high quality apps. I made various prototypes of each app design, brainstorm with my friends and finalize by selecting the best option to give my app users quality experience.

As mentioned above, customer satisfaction is a crucial part of my aspiration and this is why I welcome all the reviews and critiques of all my apps. If you find any defect in my apps (either technical of conceptual) or just want to give any suggestion, do feel free to drop me an email and I will examine the issue.

I hope you will check out my apps and give me suggestions on what I could do to make improvement on my apps.